Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tidbits from July 12th Letter

...My companion's back has been hurting, so we haven't been running as much.  So I've been sleeping more, can't complain there.  When we run, it's usually just between 15-20  minutes.

...Church is in a Sunday School room at Cougar Chapel. It's a church building literally in the parking lot of Lavell Edwards Stadium.  The next 3 devotionals will be in the Marriott Center.  I sing in the MTC Choir, so I'll get to say that I have "performed" in the Marriott Center.

**The Marriott Center is BYU's Basketball Arena, one of the largest on-campus basketball arenas in the United States.  In addition to basketball, the Marrriot Center is also used for weekly devotionals and forums, holding over 20,000 people.  Michael is a huge BYU fan and loves playing basketball more than just about anything. 

2013 Missionary Devotional in the Marriott Center

Other performers in the Marriott Center :)

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