Thursday, July 3, 2014


1:15 pm.  The assigned drop-off time for Elder Mangum to report to the Missionary Training Center to officially begin his missionary service on July 2nd, a day that had never been far from our minds since Michael opened that big white envelope in March.  It was an exciting time as Michael stepped out of the car into this new phase of his life.  There was just time for a quick hug, a smile and a wave, and then Elder Mangum was off!

A little bit of information about the Missionary Training Center:

Each Wednesday several hundred missionaries enter the Provo MTC. The eager missionaries enter an exciting world of learning. The MTC curriculum consists of up to 12 weeks of studying doctrine, learning to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively, and developing excellent communication skills. When missionaries are called to serve in foreign lands, their training also includes learning a new language. The Provo MTC is well known for its language teaching program. Approximately 50 languages are taught at the Provo MTC. The teaching staff is composed largely of former missionaries, who are well acquainted with missionary life...The Provo MTC is a beautiful campus designed to accommodate up to 4,000 missionaries. The facility includes a large gymnasium, cafeterias, a medical clinic, a bookstore, a mail center, laundry facilities, classrooms, and residence halls. A day at the MTC can involve many different activities, including visiting the cafeteria, enjoying some exercise in the gym, and engaging in personal study. Missionaries spend much of their time in classroom activities.  After weeks of training, missionaries leave prepared to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people around the world

Watch a short video about some of the things Michael will be doing while in the MTC before leaving for Argentina on August 12th.

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