Monday, July 14, 2014

Letters from Your Favorite Brother

Michael loves getting mail from friends and family.  I think we might be keeping the postal service in business for the next couple of years :)

Trevor, Jake & Hayley were all excited to receive a personal letter from Michael this week.  They have given permission to share a little of them:

Jake's Letter: 

I've learned stuff at the the MTC everyday.  How to pray in Spanish, how to take 2 minute showers, and how to go to bed at 10:30, which still seems super early!

Hayley's Letter:

Friday one of the missionaries got sick and we gave him a blessing.  I did the anointing, and the sick guy's companion gave the blessing.  It was pretty awesome.

Trevor's Letter: 

The MTC has been good so far, no crazy stories yet though.  It's hard having a companion sometimes.  But he's cool, really laid back and willing to do anything.  Everyone here is from tiny towns or like farms, I'm the only city boy.  So far so good.

Your favorite brother, Michael

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  1. So neat to hear from Michael. Glad to see he is staying in touch with his siblings. Did you know you can send same day care packages from BYU to MTC? Kind of neat idea- instant cookies gram. Love- Aunt Beth