Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1st Letter Home

Dear Mom & Dad, 

All is well.  Just finished my first day at the MTC.  One of the longest days I've ever had, it never seemed to end.  Just kept going and going.  But it was fun.  I'm on the West Campus, my companion for the next 6 weeks is Elder Lawrence from Hurricane, UT.  He's headed to Mendoza, Argentina.  I'm in an apartment with 6 Elders, 3 of us going to Córdoba. The Zone leaders who have been here 5 weeks say all I have to do is make to Sunday, after that it's smooth sailing.


P.S.  Send more workout clothes.  The district all runs together in the morning, plus gym time later in the day.  P-day is Saturdays

The view - Y Mountain!
Home Sweet Home until August 12th

M's bed is on the right

10+ hours of classes each day

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