Monday, July 7, 2014

Preparation Day @ the MTC

Missionaries have 1 day a week that is a Preparation Day (referred to as p-day) that they use to take care of personal needs, such as laundry, cleaning, haircuts, write home, do service, and exercise. Missionaries at the MTC are also supposed to attend the Provo Temple on their p-day.

While Michael is in the MTC, his p-day is on Saturday.  We were excited to get his first email on Saturday, along with a few pictures he has taken.

Elder Mangum and Elder Lawrence

Hey guys!

I sent a letter out on Thursday, but I don't know how long it takes to get it. P-days are Saturdays, which works out well.  The temple is closed this week and next week, which gives us an additional 4 hours on P-day to do whatever.

Jake- I haven't had a Rice Krispy treat yet, but the food has been pretty good, and the deserts even better.  
Luke- No I have not seen the prophet yet, but I got to shake hands with a member of our branch presidency who claims to have shaken every prophets' hand since David O. Mckay.
Hayley-  No, I do not sleep on bunk beds.  One of the rooms in the apartment does have bunk beds, but not ours. 
Trevor- My companion is pretty cool.  He's from Hurricane, Utah.  6 of the 10 guys in my district are from Utah.  The others are from Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, and me from Texas.
Dad-  Schedule is pretty packed. Three different class times per day, each about 3 and a half hours.  Lunch is at 11:30.  Dinner at 4:30.
Mom- We haven't said it yet. (? was 'Do you say Doctrine & Covenants 4 in English or Spanish?')

We got to have a special 4th of July program, and got to stay up until 11:30 to watch the firework show. The first few days have been long and hard, but a lot of fun.  I'm already progressing in Spanish, and have even begun to think a little in Spanish.  Our district may end up getting a trip to Vegas or Boise to get our visas while we're here, but we have no idea when that may happen. 
The guys (we aren't allowed to call them guys, just elders) are all really cool, but really different.  I'm the only city boy.  All of us just graduated high school, except for one Elder who spent a year at BYU.  Thanks so much for your support!


Freedom Festival Balloon Festival 

4th of July Fireworks

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