Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Put Your Faith to the Test

Hey fam,

It was a good week.  No more driving experiences, but we did throw down a couple more future baptismal dates, we have 7 lined up for May 14th.  I was able to do 3 intercambios during the course of the week, which was a lot of fun.  The most eventful of which happened with my buddy Elder Troncos, I went to his area one night and told him "OK bro, take me to an investigator who has attended church several times, but hasn't accepted baptism yet."  We went, asked the mom (less active member) if she wanted her daughter to get baptized.  She said yes, I sat down with the daughter, had a nice chat, and did the interview then and there.  That was on Wednesday, she was baptized on Saturday.  We have a big push of urgency in the mission, and in making things happen.  Like in the Old Testament when they had to carry the Ark of the Covenant across the River Jordan, and the water didn't part until after they had gotten their feet wet.  We have to put our faith to the test y hacer que las cosas sucedan. 

I was also able to do an intercambio in Rio Ceballos on Friday/Saturday, found one of my old investigators, and put a baptismal date with her as well.  We had lunch with my old buddy the Stake President, which is always fun. Sunday the Gospel Principles teacher didn't show up, so I talk lesson 3 with a big focus on faith leads to action, that action being repentance, and that the first fruits of repentance is Baptism.  It was what we needed, because we had 6 investigators there.  

Yesterday was Mission Council, which was good.  As a mission we baptized the most that we have in over 2 years, so we are progressing.  We talked about D&C 101 & a few things that we need to improve, and then we all played soccer with President as always to end the day.  All in all a solid week.

Sounds like y’all had a pretty crazy week!  This next weekend is Stake Conference, so it will be great to see everybody from Rio Ceballos at once again.  I might call on Sunday, if I do it will be between 1 and 3 your time :)

Love y’all!

Elder Mangum

Bowling on P-Day last week

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