Monday, April 25, 2016


Hey fam,

Another great week!  We didn't have any baptisms, we had a few hiccups during the week en cuanto a ellos, but it’s all good, we hope to have at least one more before the end of the month.  This week I did an exchange with one of our elders in an area called Unquillo, and was able to participate in their ward council, which is always "fun."  

This week we also had interviews with President!  That was definitely the highlight...mainly because he gave me and my comp the keys to his car to go pick up lunch!  I can now say that I have driven here in Argentina. I'll send the pictures next week.  It was only about 6 blocks, but it was stick that was a first.  Didn't stall out though, which is more than my companion can say!  We had a good interview too, he asked me what I had learned in my mission, and I replied by telling him that I still had 2 months left to learn, don't run me out before my time! He laughed and we talked about other things, including opening a new area.  

Friday we did another exchange, this time I was with my buddy Hansen from the MTC, we threw down a couple of baptismal dates and found a bunch of people, it was cool to see that we couldn't talk to each other in English, everything would come out naturally in español.  I started the Book of Mormon in Spanish again, every time I read it there is something new to get out of it.   A good week all in all, not too eventful aside from going for a spin in President's car.  Hope you are all doing well!

Love you all!

Elder Mangum

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