Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Milagros and Micaela's Baptism

Hey fam,

Another solid week, Milagros and Micaela got baptized on Saturday. We finished the month of May with four baptisms as a companionship, not too shabby seeing as the average in the mission is less than a baptism per companionship. We have 5 more investigators who could easily arrive to baptism before I head home, 2 of those being the son of Esther and his wife (Ricardo y Ana).  The best part of recent converts, is that they are the biggest source of future converts! 

This week I was on exchanges in Arguello with Elder Calderon, from Chile, and I was able to go and do a baptisma interview there.  I was hardly in my area, and when I was, my comp was sick, so there wasn't too much going on in Villa Allende workwise, but we were still able to have the font full when the weekend came around.  Sunday no investigators showed up which is always a bummer.  

Yesterday we had Mission Council (which is why I didn't write y’all yesterday). We talked about the problems in the mission and how to solve them.  The topic just about every month is how do we get our missionaries to realize that "all we care about" isn't numbers, but numbers is how we measure the work and progress we are doing.  There are missionaries who won't baptize, because they feel like they're calling was to "retain" or "reactivate."  Truth be told, while those are important aspects of the work, only the mission president, and via delegation, we have the priesthood keys of baptizing converts.  If we don't do it, nobody else can, that is our primordial calling. Personally it took me a while to understand that, but once I made the "click" the mission really picked up rhythm and I started having a lot more success.

Right now I am on another exchange, this time in my own area, with Elder Ramirez from Colombia.  Wednesday we have a zone meeting, where we will train on the Doctrine of Christ and Augmenting our Faith as missionaries. The food has been pretty mas o menos lately, we have had a lot of cow stomach stew and stuff like that.  Studies right now are Charity and the Atonement. And a little bit of Eternal Marriage ;)

Love y’all!

Elder Mangum

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