Monday, November 30, 2015

Otro Mes

Hey fam,

Otro mes in the books!  On to December.  Life is normal down here in Marcos Juarez.  This week was pretty average, although we did have interviews with President on Saturday, which was unexpected.  

Wednesday we had district meeting in Leones, and the ZLs came down (they always come to my meetings...not sure if that is a good or a bad thing...)  I gave a training on how to teach in a way that the investigators can understand, and that "understanding the doctrine"  means applying it to your own life.  After the meeting, the sister from Brazil cooked stroganaugh.  Nothing like Mom's, that is for sure.  Apparently it is completely different in Brazil than in the states, although it was quite delicious.  Its just rice and meat, with a special sauce.  It was good, despite the fact the sister had burnt the rice...but with the sauce, you couldn't even taste it!  It is always an adventure when the sisters cook, but I am sure they say the same thing whenever us Elders cook as well.

Saturday we had interviews with President.  They were supposed to start at 5...Prez showed up at 9.  We got back to our area at 2 in the morning.  Quite the night.  But it was good to be able to sit and chat with President, even if it was a pretty quick interview given the time that we had.  While we waited for President, we did an "Open Chapple"  which is where we contact people in the street and invite them to take a tour of the church.  I went on a 30 minute split with Elder Ware from Utah, who has all of 7 weeks in the field.  It was nice to speak a little English. Sunday went OK.  The same member gave the classes in the second and combined third hour.  We talked about Elder Oaks talk "Good, Better, Best."  It is an excellent talk, I highly recommend it.

Something new that I have done, a ton of cooking.  Today I made burgers for the district, it seems that I am cooking a lot more in these last 2 areas.  No Christmas songs yesterday.  My favorite Christmas hymn is I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, but singing it with a good tempo, not too slow.  Argentine traditions, stay up until midnight on Christmas and shoot off fireworks.  That is about it.  And lots of asado (BBQ).

Sounds like Caroline has been getting quite a bit of attention!  I am glad to hear that Thanksgiving went well.

Love you all!

Elder Mangum

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