Monday, December 7, 2015

"Missionarying" & Christmas Video

Hey fam,
Pretty normal week in Marcos Juarez.  A week of knocking, talking, and "missionarying" as the people here say.  This week was a zone meeting, I gave another training on the importance of working with members, with a focus of the Law of Witnesses.  Like I've said before, I like to teach principles that apply in more ways than just knocking doors and finding people.  We were able to meet with several of the branch leaders and organize branch council, which will be tomorrow for the first time in several months.  Communication and organization are key in the work of salvation.  
No investigators in church, and only 23 people showed up, felt like a day back in Aimogasta.  This weekend (including today and tomorrow) is a huge holiday, I think its Day of the Virgin or something.  Miracle of the week.  An old lady stopped us on the street on Friday, telling us that she had talked with the Sisters in a different city that morning, and wanted us to visit her house and teach her and her grandson, Kevin.  An hour after she stopped us on the street, the sisters sent us a text message saying "We have a reference for you."  It was the same lady that we had talked with. This week we also were able to work with the other sisters in Leones, going door to door to share the Christmas video of the year and hand out a Christmas message that they had put together, which was pretty productive.  We went out with a member from their branch, and everybody knew him, so they were much more willing to open the door to us and accept the message.  
Sounds like it was a great week back home!  Glad to hear that everybody is doing well.  My favorite time of day is study time.  Favorite part of the week, Wednesdays, being able to teach the other missionaries.  Something I will miss from this area...the branch president.   He is a recent convert, but super cool.  Christmas goals, finish the Book of Mormon before the Christmas mission conference that is next Monday.  I am in Helaman.  I only started last week, so I should finish in time.  Then I'll read it in Portuguese.
Love you all!

Elder Mangum

A Savior is Born

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