Monday, November 23, 2015

Counting Blessings

Hey fam,

What a week!  A new Mangum in the house and everything!  Bienvenidos Caroline!  Down here in Argentina, things weren't quite as crazy as back home, but it went well. We were able to find lots of new people, and Jesus showed up out of the blue at church again, with a few more tattoos than the last time we saw him, but its all good! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal, and Thursday we had a zone meeting, and I gave a training on the Holy Ghost.  The importance of recognizing it (and how we can do that), and using it as we teach.  From the feedback I got, it seems like it went well.  Zone conference is in Bellville, an hour away. We got back to our area that night, and there had been a huge storm, and the whole city lost power.  For the next 48 hours they were rotating generators neighborhood by neighborhood.  We would have power 2 hours, and then nothing for 4. That went on until Sunday.

Friday, we went to Leones to work with 2 of the sisters.  Leones is a town even smaller than ours, not exactly the easiest area in the world.  But we went, and tried to help them out, and we found a couple of people for them to start teaching. Sunday here was normal, aside for the whole Argentina electing a new president. Not too much political unrest.  And they did vote for a huge change.   We received a message from the Area Presidency that after 4pm, we had to be in the pension for safety reasons.  So it was church (where for the first time in a long time we didn't have to do anything except attend!) and then lunch, and then back to the apartment.  But it was good, being able to read quite a bit in the Book of Mormon, which is always important!

This week, should be a pretty normal week, no activities here for Thanksgiving.  Mmmm, Turkey with gravy.  Gravy doesn't exist here.  I miss thatJust gotta keep on keeping on!  Counting every blessing that comes my way, and baby Caroline is a big one!  Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Love you all!

Elder Mangum

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