Monday, November 16, 2015

Staying in Marcos Juarez

And the Rain came tumbling down...

Hey fam,

Life is good.  Man, transfers were crazy.  Not really, just about everything stayed the same.  I am in the same area with my same comp, Elder Venegas.  And only 1 of the 4 sisters got changed, so the district is pretty much the same as well. We will be spending Christmas together, the next transfers are the 27th of December.  

The week went well.  Last Monday we had Pday as a district, which was a lot of fun. Tuesday was just another day in field.  Wednesday was the last District meeting of the transfer, where I gave a training on Power and Authority. Page 4 of PMG (in Spanish).  I talked about how we get the authority when we get set apart as missionaries, but if we want to preach with power, that requires a little bit more effort on our part.  Obedience, diligent study, etc.  We did a pretty cool practice, where we set the room up as if it was a plaza, and one companionship had 5 minutes to contact everybody in the plaza using the Book of Mormon, and trying to find who was the most prepared. Of course, speaking with the power and authority that corresponds with our calling as well.  

Thursday, it rained.  And rained.  And kept on raining.  All day long. The city had a bit of flooding. Did I mention it rained?  And that I have a hole in my shoe?  Not a good combination.  But we had fun, because in situations like those, you just have to enjoy it!  Running across the city, contacting in the rain and just having a blast.  Friday, the highlight was that we taught a part member family about the Sabbath Day and baptism, using Alma 7:11-16

Saturday, we went to Leones (a town about 15 minutes away) where the 2 of the sisters are, to listen to transfers.  It was surprising that so many of us stayed the same.  It will definitely be another fun transfer!  Sunday was interesting, they asked us to help out in primary because the kids were acting up.  It was the older kids as well, the 10 and 11 year olds.  I am not ready to be a primary teacher.  The lesson was on Matthew 25, and the poor teacher was fed up with the kids.  So I had everybody stand up and we acted out the end of Matt 25.  I put all of the kids who were acting up on my left, and all those who were mas o menos behaving themselves on my right.  It got their attention, especially when I quoted the scriptures on what Christ will say to each group.  It definitely put things in a new perspective for the kids, and for me as well. 

The part member family didn't make it to church.  Something I learned this week...that I still have much to learn in this area and with my comp!  There is no piano in the branch.  6 more weeks in Marcos Juarez...should be fun.  Glad to hear all is well.  Should be an exciting week in the Mangum fam!  And that is awesome about Kev!

Love you all!

Elder Mangum

District Training

District P-Day

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