Sunday, August 10, 2014

MTC Email Week 6

Elder Mangum and Elder Lawrence

Friends, family, and everybody in between,

This week went by far the fastest out of all of them so far.  The highlight of the week was getting my Spanish Speaking Assessment, got a 6.5 out of 7, basically fluent, at least for a gringo after 6 weeks in the MTC.  We'll see just how true that is once we get to Argentina.  I got all of the packages, except the one with the pictures.  You should be getting that one back next week, because they return all of the mail they get for people who have already left the MTC.  This week we studied the Subjunctive Tense in Spanish, definitely the hardest thing in Spanish to comprehend.  We had our last classes with all of our teachers.  In Field Orientation was yesterday, where it was basically a 9 hour seminar on how to find people and the value of members and how to work with them.  We had a former general authority speak on Tuesday, Elder Hafen, and he talked about being a missionary, not just serving a mission. Elder Lawrence and I had the opportunity to teach District Meeting on Sunday on repentance, it was a very good lesson.  We went to the temple today and did our last session in English for the next 2 years.  Haven't really started packing yet, probably need to get on that this afternoon.  We had a "pre p-day party' yesterday, mainly just trying to get rid of all the extra food we have to the other districts in the zone.  

Answers to the fam’s questions:
Packing so far has been nonexistent; I sure hope I can fit everything in the suitcases!  We have 2 devotionals every week, one on Sunday and one on Tuesday.  Elders do take turns doing the sacrament, and the bread is provided by the MTC.  My favorite Pokemon..that's a difficult one.  Probably Charizard, me and him have always been close.  Favorite scripture story is the conversion of Alma the Younger.  My favorite thing I ate this week was a burger, corn dogs and fries, and cheese ravioli, all for lunch yesterday.  I was kind of hungry.  The funniest thing that happened this week would have to be that we all took our mattresses and put them in the front room, all 10 of us, and are sleeping there til we leave.  I actually claimed the couch, so I think I got the best spot in the house.  The happiest I felt this week was definitely when I woke up this morning and knew it was P-day, and knew I got to go to the temple and email my friends and family.  I literally was singing the song "Happy."  

I have a 5 hour layover in Atlanta, and we have permission to call home while in the airport, so expect a phone call from yours truly on Monday afternoon.  


Elder Mangum

Pre-P Day Party

Elder Rigby and Elder Mangum

Michael and one of his favorite MTC instructors

The District 

And for your viewing pleasure, so we can all be Happy like Michael - 
A fun "Happy" Melody of Songs by Santino Fontana & the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, including fun shout out to "Happy" by Pharell Williams @ 4:55.  Who knew the Mo Tab were so Happy! 

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