Thursday, August 14, 2014

Highlights from August 4, 2014 Letter

Mom and Dad,

Getting travel plans was definitely exciting, we weren't sure if we were going to Argentina or getting reassigned, nobody had told us anything about the visas....It is kind of surreal that this is the last week in the MTC, I'm already basically a transfer in.  If time is going this quickly already, I can only imagine how it flies out in the field.  Sunday the new President of BYU spoke, and we said goodbye to the district who had been here since the week before we got here.  After spending the past 5 weeks together, we got pretty close with some of them as well, more than I would have expected.  

My companion and I were in charge of teaching a lesson on repentance during district meeting on Sunday (in English).  It went well, I based my comments off of Elder Christofferson's talk "The Divine Gift of Repentance".  Something that really stuck out was just how much God loves us, he gives us chance after chance to repent, there is no "point of no return".  Also, how Christ is with us every step of the way.  I made the analogy, it's like pushing a handcart across the plains.  It's not you just pushing until Wyoming and then He steps in when you collapse and takes you to Utah.  You're pushing, side by side.  He provides the help to strengthen you to make it all the way there.  It was a good district meeting.

I am glad to hear everybody at home is doing well. Prayers keep getting longer and longer for me, definitely was weird last night to look up and see that it was almost 11.  There's a lot to be grateful for, and a lot of people that I'm just grateful for that helped mold me into who I am today.

By the time you get this, I'll be mostly packed for Argentina.  The  MTC was fun, but play time is over.  Time to start the real work.  And have fun doing it, of course.  Can't forget that.

Food for thought - Mosiah 2:41.



  1. Hello Sister Mangum! My name is Angel Perry and my daughter, Sister Mikinzie Perry, is heading to Argentina, Cordoba this Monday! We are so excited for her! She has been in San Fernando, CA for the past 6 weeks awaiting her Visa, which arrived this past week. Your son looks happy. How does he like his mission and Argentina? I have heard that all the missionaries just love that mission! I was wondering if you had, by chance, the Mission President's e-mail address. I need to fill him in on some medical information. I can't seem to locate his e-mail address. And, if you have some advice for this Argentina Missionary Mom, please feel free to share! Thank you so much!
    Angel Perry

    1. Hi Sister Perry! So fun to hear from another missionary mom. Our son loves Cordoba, it is a fantastic mission. The mission president, President Alliaud's email address is and the mission home's phone # is +54 (03543) 420-699. Excited for your daughter and your family! You can email me anytime -