Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25th Email


Glad to hear everything is going well at home.   I´m glad everybody looks so excited to start school back up! Highlights from this week include placing 3 baptismal dates for the 13th of September, but then none of them showing up for church on Sunday, so we´ll have to work on that.  I gave two blessings this week, both of healing.  The first I did in English, because I had no idea how to say it in Spanish.  I learned a valuable lesson from that family though, that it is not the language that matters, but the faith. Yesterday I gave a blessing in Spanish, and I think it went pretty well.  Also I was in the circle for ordaining one of our recent converts to the Aaronic Priesthood.  

I´m really growing to love the study time, and everything I can get from the scriptures, they are full of nuggets on every page.  We had an open door night at a neighboring ward´s chapel, all the missionaries from the zone went and contacted outside on the street and invited people to come in and take a tour and learn a little bit about the church and what we do.  Yesterday I taught gospel principles, basically just lesson 3 from Preach My Gospel using 2nd Nephi 31.  

This week we watched the film God´s Army, fantastic movie, makes me want to go out and work milagros.  This ward is very different from anything I have ever been apart of, no ward council, and no ward missionaries.  Makes things a little difficult, but we make it work.  I am definitely enjoying my time so far, and have learned a lot, both in regards to the language and to the gospel.  No blisters on my feet, and no baptisms yet.  Last transfer they only had 1 in this area, but we´ll beat that this transfer.  

Somebody I have met in Argentina...Familia Funes.  They are less active, and are trying to make a comeback to the church.  He is a musician, and plays a dozen instruments, including guitar and violin. We are set to have FHE at his house tonight, and dinner again tomorrow. They have 3 kids, and Hermano Funes wants to go out with us and just contact, because he is a fairly big name and thinks it will help get people interested.

Familia Funes

Answers of questions from the fam - The best thing I ate this week was pollo and rice, which is just chicken and rice, and it was the best thing because it is literally what we ate every day this week.  Haven´t had anything weird to eat yet.  We ride the bus everyday, several times per day.  No service projects yet, and I have been chased by a dog. It has not rained yet, although it has cooled down a little. Hardest thing is waking up in the mornings and walking all day.  It’s good though, I definitely am not going to put on any weight in this area.  

Love you all.

Elder Mangum

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