Monday, April 18, 2016

Selene's Baptism

Hey fam,

Another week, another couple of baptisms!  We are being extremely blessed here in Zona Sierras.  Monday was a great day, we went to Rio Ceballos and an old buddy of mine, Chango Funes, made us the good ole Argentine BBQ. The whole zone came out, as well as a bunch of YSA, we played a ton of basketball, and challenged a group of guys to a soccer game, we ended up beating them (it helps when we have the All World team- Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, etc.) Then we did a splash, which is where the whole zone takes a few hours and contacts people in one of the area.  I went with Elder Willis, we contacted a family and within 10 minutes we had put the baptismal date for the 30/4, they were ready and dispuesto. He and I spent the night in Rio Ceballos, then headed back to my area, where we proceeded to put 2 more baptismal dates (one of which being Selene, who was baptized on Saturday!). It was a great intercambio, I was in the same zone with Willis when he started the mission, and it is crazy to see how he has grown and improved.

The rest of the week was pretty normal, trying to prepare everything for the baptisms, doing a couple of interviews and all that good stuff.  Saturday a 2 girls were baptized, one that was an investigator of the sisters, who I did the interview and she asked me to baptize her.  That is always a great experience. The other was Selene, who one of the ward members baptized.  We have 3 more baptisms lined up for this weekend in our area, so we hope that all will go well!  Scripture of the day: D&C 18:42.  Al agua no mas!  

I am glad to hear that everybody is doing well.  Church here went great, my comp is a professional piano player, so he has taken over the piano playing duties.  I am eating mas a menos, my teeth are probably jacked up, and my shoes have holes in them.  Life is great!  

Love y’all!

Elder Mangum

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