Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Mission Conference

Our "little" Greenies

Hey fam,

What a week!  I am doing well.  I was able to finish the Book of Mormon this week, and yes, I have started studying it in Portuguese.  Highlights of the week include last Tuesday, where we were supposed to have Branch Council, and only the branch presidency and us showed up.  But we planned then and there to give it another shot for Sunday, after church, and this time around everybody showed up.  Progress, por lo menos!  

Wednesday was district meeting, which is always a good time.  I gave a training on using time wisely, and the eternal principle of planning.  Not the most interesting of topics to tell you the truth, but a very important one.  A lot of rain again this week, so that was a lot of fun as well.

Rainy days = Wet Missionaries
Sunday I gave a talk on Missionary Work, and my comp on the importance of studying the scriptures.  Then in priesthood I gave the lesson on Ch. 23 in the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, Fortalece tus estacas.  Then we had lunch, and got ready to head off to the Christmas Mission Conference.  We took a bus at 3AM and got to the conference at 8.  If you look at a map, my area is practically in a different province of Argentina, we are only about 15 minutes away from being in the Rosario Mission.  

The conference was a blast. President dressed up as Santa Clause, with the assistants as his elves.  

The spiritual part was in the morning, where President taught us the plan for the Area and the Mission for 2016.  The mission plan in 2016- Baptize More, Retain More, and REactvate more. Work with sincerity, unity with the wards/branches, and always with the end in mind (TEMPLE). The plan is a lot of Sabbath Day and Self Reliance (big focus on teaching tithing and fast offerings to everybody again).

Family Meeting with Elder Lakey
Then a HUGE BBQ for the 200 missionaries, followed by a slideshow of the Mission Argentina Cordoba 2015, and then a talent show. President and his wife bought all of the Elders new ties, which was sweet, mine is an orange paisley design. After the talent show, everybody changed clothes and people played basketball, soccer, Frisbee, and even a little American Football.  It had been a year since I had touched a basketball, it felt so good to play again.  We finished up everything about 10 at night, and then we had to take the 5 hour bus ride back to the area.  Long day, and the bus ride back was a little crazy, none of us in the zone had really slept for about 48 hours.  It was a great week to be a missionary in the best mission in the world.

The 6 Texans in the Mish

Plans this week include going caroling with the sisters on Sunday, and going all out in trying to get a baptism before the end of the year.  Only 2 weeks left until transfers.  Gonna try and get a couple BOSS baptisms- Baptized On the Second Sunday. Gotta find los escogidos.  Love you all, and hope y'all have a great week! Good luck on finals!

Elder Mangum

3 am bus ride to the mission conference

The ride back, also about that same time, but after none of us had 
slept for about 48 hours. It was pretty fun!
Familia Marquez, who always feeds us lunch and dinner 
whenever we need it.  Sometimes both in the same day!
The Hamburgers I made on Pday a couple weeks ago
Me and my pal Valentin

Working in the Sisters Area

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