Monday, October 19, 2015

Zone Training and Fun Pictures

My new Zone.  All the sisters are in my District.

Hey fam,

The week here was really good.  Elder Venegas and I killed it as far as numbers went, and we had an investigator in the chapel with a baptismal date for the 31st.  His name is Jesus Guttierrez, and was a drug addict that we are helping turn his life around.  I heard that my sisters in my old district baptized the family that we had been working with for months this past Saturday, so life is really good!

Other news in the week, Wednesday we had District meeting and the Zone Leaders came and talked about numbers, numbers, and more numbers.  But the message was good, we listened to a couple of "motivator" talks.  Then the sisters cooked lunch, which was interesting, to say the least.  

Everything else went pretty normal down here in Marcos Juarez, nothing too unusual.  My comp taught a tradition Peruvian dance to a group of people, and we got a boat load of new investigators.    We have some of the best numbers in the mission, and we are enjoying the work we do.

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Argentina, so there were several talks that quoted Elder Holland's talk from this past conference.  Once again, I am grateful for the wonderful mom that I have! 

Sounds like y'all had a great week.  I am getting ready to be getting the email any week "Baby Mangum has arrived!"  It’s awesome that Dan got his call, he is really excited, and I am excited for him as well! 

Church was good here, a grand total of 32 in sacrament meeting, so there is definitely still work to do with the members.  Studies are going well.  I am going through the Book of Mormon with the institute manual in my personal study.  And for language study, I am reading Teachings of the Prophets: Jose Smith. Little bit of modern word to go in with the Libro de Mormon.  The most challenging thing so far has been keeping up the animo (that would be...nope, don't know the word in English, sorry) of some of the others.  Helping them stay happy and focused on the game, with animo.  We have to learn to love the work, and then everything is fun!  Life is good here in Marcos Juarez.  
Love y'all,

Elder Mangum

Recent Pictures - 

Cow's Head anyone?

Beef - It's what's for dinner!

Familia Sotelo, the ones who gave us American Breakfast

Elder Lackey & Elder Mangum

New Zone in Marcos Juarez

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