Monday, October 26, 2015

Planting Seeds

Hey fam,

This week went well.  Jesus Guttierrez didn't show up to church, despite meeting with him several times during the week, so the baptism will be pushed back for the time being.  The highlight of my week was probably receiving a text telling me that one of the kids I had started teaching back in La Rioja got baptized this weekend.  5 months later, but I remember finding him during an intercambio in the capital and putting the first baptismal date goal with him.  Him, plus the three in Carlos Paz that got baptized this week, really motivate me, because although I may not be there in the area, I was an instrument in the Lord's hands in planting the seeds, and now we are seeing the fruits of our labors.  Other highlights of the week including eating fried cow heart, and shrimp!  Cow heart is much better fried than grilled.  Shrimp was a highlight because here it is super expensive and rare. 

During the week, the sisters in my district were visited by some of  the Sister Training Leaders from Cordoba, who also came and visited my district meeting.  Truth be told, when I gave the capacitación, it felt a little bit like teaching Relief Society, 6 sisters and my comp.  But it went well, I do enjoy teaching.  I talked about the importance of working efficiently, and not just diligently.  It’s great to work hard, but let’s be smart about it.  And then I talked a little bit about enjoying the work, learning to love missionary work.  I reviewed the basic principle that at the rate we serve others (the people, our comp, etc) we learn to love them.  And once we learn to learn to love the people (and most importantly, the Savior) we learn to love missionary work.  I mentioned Mosiah 15:7-9, and that despite having suffered for us, paying for every mistake that we would ever make, he ascended to heavens, full of compassion and love for us. 

Yesterday was fun as well, they called me last minute asking me to give a sacrament meeting talk on rescuing the less actives, and about 2 minutes before priesthood they asked me to give the lesson in young mens. I taught the lesson on patience. You just need to talk to them about soccer, then they start paying attention.  It was so funny, as soon as I made an analogy about sports, it totally caught their attention.  As a missionary, you learn to be prepared for just about anything!

We have had branch council once since I got here.  I have given 1 blessing in this area.  No activities, another thing that we are working to improve.  I didn't ever practice the Peruvian dance, but I can't get the music out of my head...

Sounds like everybody had a great week, and the trunk or treat looked like it was a lot of fun.  If it comes down to a vote for the name (and my choice gets the boot), I'm for Caroline.

Love you all!

Elder Mangum

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