Monday, October 5, 2015

Transferred to Marcos Juarez!

Hola Familia!

The week went well.  I did get transferred, as expected.  I am now in another small town, Marcos Juarez, about 4 hours from the capital. It should be fun.  But no more temple trips for a while, unfortunately.  My new companion is Elder Venegas, from Peru.  He has 3 months in the mission, he got here at the same time as my last companion.  The elder has only been in this area since he got to Argentina, so he should know it pretty well. The area has only had 2 baptisms in the past 2 years, so we will be changing a few things!  It is a small branch of about 30 people from what I am told.  We are the only missionaries in the area.  

As far as the week goes, we taught a few lessons but nothing earth shattering.  English class, we only had 1 person showed up.  Conference was really good.  I especially enjoyed the talks by Elders Holland and Oaks.  I was able to watch all of the sessions, 3 in Spanish and 2 in English.  Everybody brought food and shared between the conference sessions.  

Did you get the email from Hermano Sotelo? On Sunday morning with the American breakfast?  Good ole American breakfast! French toast, pancakes, maple syrup, OJ, hashbrowns, biscuits...probably at exactly the same time y'all would have been doing it back at home! 

General Conference Breakfast with the Familia Sotelo!

Sunday night I had my "despedida" (goodbye party) from a family in the ward.  One of the sons is 23 who I have been working with a ton, his name is German, and tomorrow he starts his mission papers.  When I got to the area 4 months ago, he was not going to church.  A Major change!  He told me that dozens and dozens of missionaries have come through trying to get him to go, just grinding on him to go and giving him a hard time for not having gone, and I didn't-  My way was different, according to him.  To be honest, I can't remember ever doing anything out of the ordinary, but I am glad that I was able to help!  That is what the mission is all about!

It is really sad to hear about Uncle Marc, but the plan is real, and it is good.  As the sister said in conference, "todo saldrá bien."  It will all work out. I have no doubt about that.

Love you all,

Elder Mangum

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