Monday, September 14, 2015

Temple Trip

Hey fam,

The week was good.  On Tuesday we went to the temple as a district, and ran into the Tanners- the senior couple that is serving in La Rioja.  We got to participate in a session together and talk afterwards, which was really a neat experience.  They just happened to be in town because President had invited all of the senior couples for a BBQ at his house, and they were taking advantage of being in town and going to the temple as much as they could.

Tuesday night we also played a little volleyball with the ward as well as helped out with the Family History class.  Wednesday was English class, and a grand total of...0 people showed up. 

Thursday we had interviews with President, along with 5 hours of training by the assistants.  It was a long day.  The rest of the week was fairly normal, I attempted to make Mom's cookies...didn't come out anything like them, but we ate them just the same.  They don't have brown sugar like back at home, or shortening, which made it slightly difficult. 

Not mi madres cookies!

We did service on Saturday, loading a truck full of about 200 "tejas" (roof tiles) that took us a solid 5 hours.  My comp sliced his finger open.  It got pretty fun.  We were all in a line tossing them to one another until they reached the truck.  If you stopped paying attention, you get hit in the face.  Church yesterday went well, no investigators in church, but several inactive families came for the first time in years.  All in all a solid week, looking forward to General Conference in just a few weeks, that is always a really good time.

We ride busses and walk, it just depends on the day and if there is money to pay for the bus.  Nothing new this week, it was all pretty normal.  We do have a few dinners and FHE's with members set up for this week, which means we will be eating quite well.  The Talent Show is on the 25th, I am looking forward to it, although as of now we have all of 5 people signed up to do something.  But I have faith!  My favorite part of the area are the people.  I think I say this with every area, but it is the people you meet and the friendships you make that really make or break the area.  

I did hear that BYU pulled out another Mangum Miracle, that is awesome.  Sounds like y’all had quite the fun car ride home from Dallas! :)  

Love you all, hope everybody is doing well,

Elder Mangum 

Our District at the Temple

Carlos Paz at night

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