Monday, July 27, 2015

Dana's Baptism

Hey fam,

It was another good week.  We did a lot of role plays in our studies, practicing the lessons, and it is amazing to see how much more comfortable and familiar my companion has gotten with the language as we do these practices.  This week we focused a lot on "How to Begin Teaching" and teaching the Restoration in our studies. This week we were able to teach Santiago again, this time about the Plan of Salvation, however it was obvious to see that he was more interested in developing friendships with foreigners than actually learning about the gospel.

I also had the opportunity this week to do a baptismal interview of a little girl named Dana Baca.  Her family had been less active but since I got here they have been coming almost every week. It was a really neat experience to be able to interview and talk with her about baptism and the promise she was going to be making with our Heavenly Father.  I ended up conducting the baptismal service yesterday, and my companion got to baptize her.  Less than 2 full weeks in the field and he is already baptizing!  I have pictures, but the computers this week don’t have anywhere for me to hook up the camera, so I will send them next weekWe have another baptism this weekend, of Gonzalo, on Saturday.  We are pretty excited, it sounds like just about the whole ward will be coming out for it.  

This week we gave several lessons to less actives on the importance of the family (we are making a big emphasis on that now, especially with the temple being practically next door and all of the possible blessings that these families could have).  We also talk a family on the importance of prayer, and the different ways that God answers our prayers.  We read Ether, chapters 1-3 and talked about the different kinds of answers that the Brother of Jared got.  It really is amazing to think just how much our Father in Heaven loves us, and how willing he is to always answer our prayers, and how His way to answer them is always better than our way.  

Crazy that Hayley is now a TEENAGER.  13 years old, hard to believe. Sounds like she had a great birthday! 

Answers to your questions - My comp and I are doing well, no more sicknesses.  This week we also had a period of 30 minutes where we found 3 different families to teach. Unfortunately, only one of them was able to be there when we went back for the second appointment.  I am eating more, but I am still as skinny as a toothpick.  We don’t normally go on splits, but tomorrow one of the youth is going to come work with us all day.  The youth are pretty cool, they all love soccer, so sometimes we play with them.  What I like best about my area is that I don’t see the same people every day, the opposite of my last area.  

Love you all,

Elder Mangum

Pray Always!

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