Monday, July 13, 2015

Transfers and a Greenie

The Zone in La Rioja, May 2015

Hey fam,

Another transfer come and gone.  And a new companion...a greenie fresh from the MTC!  I am going to train here in Carlos Paz!  I will find out who my comp is and pick him up from the mission home on Wednesday.  I am looking forward to training, there is a 99% chance that it is somebody from the states that doesn’t really speak the language, so that will be a fun adjustment after 9 straight months living with Latinos and only speaking Spanish. 

This week, we had the biggest miracle of my mission happen. We got a call on Wednesday night from the Bishop, who told us that the husband of the primary president, Gonzalo Orozco, who isn't a member, has been coming to church for the past 6 years, and this week he finally made the decision to get baptized.  He has had dozens of missionaries pass through his house trying to teach him, and he made up his mind with us to get baptized.  He is a computer engineer for HP, and actually travels to Dallas for 10 days starting tomorrow.  When he gets back, he will be going for a little swim!  He is really excited, I asked him what changed and he told me that he finally "read the book and prayed about it." He prayed 32 times, and got 3 answers, so he can’t deny that it is true.  It was a really good way to end the transfer, it definitely gave my comp some encouragement after his nearly 3 months here without any visible success. 

Other than that, a pretty normal week, we had a ward activity on July 9th where we watched Meet the Mormons, which was really good, ate a ton of food, and played some soccer.  We had a really good turnout, probably 60 people or so, a lot better than the last activity we had, so we can see that the things here in the ward are improving.  Church was good, I didn’t have to teach or anything, so it was good just to sit back and be a participant in the class instead of the maestro.  We talked a lot about Temples, and the power of them, Chapter 13 in the Teachings of President Benson.  Definitely made me grateful that I have the opportunity now to go to the temple once a transfer and participate in the blessings there.

My district is now me, the greenie, Hermana Carrasco from Peru, and Hermana Morris from California.  Carrasco ends her mission this next transfer, and I am not sure how much time Sister Morris has left.  Until Wednesday I am with Elder Nelson, one of my buddies from the MTC who is going to train as well, and we are going to be working here in Carlos Paz.  In the zone there are 24 missionaries I think.  We do have a cell phone here.  It’s getting colder, and today it was supposed to snow, but it didn't quite get cold enough.  Lots of rain though.  

Sounds like y’all had a good, busy week.  Glad to hear that everybody is doing well and enjoying the summer.  I loved the pictures of the baby blessing and the beach!  

Love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Mangum

The Book that Gonzalo Orozco read
For a free copy, click here

One of our families favorite songs:
"Glorious" by David Archuletta from 
Meet the Mormons Movie

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