Monday, August 3, 2015

Gonzalo's Baptism

McDonalds and Walmart in Argentina...some things never change!

Hey fam,

This week was a good one. Gonzalo got baptized on Saturday, and both him and Dana got confirmed yesterday.  Tons of people showed up for the baptisms and confirmations, we had the highest attendance yesterday of people in sacrament meeting since I have been in Argentina (133!). 

This past week we had a zone meeting, and talked about the importance of both asking inspired questions and listening.  Elder Holland has said that if we will listen to what our investigators say, they will tell us exactly what their needs are.  Friday night was a reception for an RM that just came back into the ward after serving in Peru.  That was a lot of fun, we had a few nonmembers and lots of less actives show up to that.  The highlight was probably my companion knocking the huge cake onto the ground...which we later ate, but the people who were serving "accidentally" forgot to give any cake to my comp!  We got a laugh out of that.  Saturday was the baptism of Gonzalo, in which I sang with the youth of the ward the EFY Medley, in Spanish.  It was a really good baptismal service, with a lot of support from the ward.  It is really interesting to see just how much the relationship between the missionaries and the bishopric and ward council has improved in the past 2 months, and in the past 3 weeks especially.  The attitude of the missionaries really does make a difference in a lot of different aspects, not just with the people we teach, but with the members as well. This week I was studying a lot in 3 Nephi, when Christ came to the Americas.  What probably stuck out the most to me was when he talks about the importance of following His example, and doing what we have seen Him do.  

The training is going really well, we have gotten into a good routine, and Elder Lakey is a quick learner, and always tries to apply what we talked about in the morning that very same day.  It is nice to be able to slip into a little English every once in a while!  

The district is doing well, everybody is happy and having success, although the sisters did lose their cell phone on Friday...but stuff happens, que va a hacer!  We do have a zone conference tomorrow, with about a third of the mission going and we will listen to a few trainings from President and his wife and the assistants. Not really any new progressing investigators, we have to work on that, although we are teaching the girlfriend of a less active member, and have received a lot of references this weekend to visit this upcoming week.  Something that happened this week that really strengthened me was going to the baptism of Gonzalo, who after 6 long years finally made the decision to be baptized, and the joy that you could visibly see that his wife had.  Something unusual this week, well I broke a molar, and also ate cow heart and cow stomach!  Delicious!  Not sure how I managed to swallow the heart down, but I did! The mission really is full of surprises.

That is great about the family scripture study, Luke makes me laugh.  Give everybody my love back home.  I will be praying extra hard for Marc and his family. It is hard to swallow, makes me really grateful that yesterday was Fast Sunday and for the reminder that we are all tied together for eternity, no matter what happens. 


Elder Mangum

**Before Michael left, everyone in the family got matching ties to be worn on Fast Sunday.  Each month we fast together on the 1st Sunday of the month for important things to us.  The tie is just a physical reminder that we are all "tied together" both as a family and in our fast for missionary work and Michael, no matter where we are in the world.  We know that great strength, blessings and miracles happen when we unite our faith together in Jesus Christ through prayer and fasting.

"Family is the center of life and is the key to eternal happiness." 
Elder L. Tom Perry 

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