Monday, March 9, 2015

Staying in Aimogasta

Hey fam,

This week was a good one, and a quick one.  It was the last week of the transfer, and on Saturday we got the phone call...that both me and my companion are staying together here in Aimogasta for another 6 weeks.  I was not surprised, but definitely grateful, because that means I get to enjoy the month in the hotel!  I definitely enjoy the real showers and breakfast in the mornings, first time in months that I have been able to have that.  Although an Argentine breakfast is basically just toast and bacon and eggs and waffles like at hotels back home.  But it is definitely a step up from nothing, so I can't complain!  

Church yesterday was...interesting. We did have 20 people show up, so that was good, but then the real fun started. My comp gave the first talk, and started off the talk by saying how yesterday we got the call for transfers and that he is sorry to say that  he "is stay here for another transfer to finish" his mission.  A family in the back got up and left when he said that, and the Dad told me as they left that they would not be coming back until this missionary left.  It has been an ongoing drama with this family and my comp this whole past transfer.  But we'll go visit the family and try and figure stuff out.  Sometimes its hard being a missionary, but hey, people have their agency to choose.   

On the bright side this week, we found a family that lives on the same street as the church, really it's 2 families, so we will see how that progresses.  I am hoping to have a bit more success these next 2 months here in Aimogasta, its been too long in between baptisms for my liking.  But we are having a solid attendance of about 20 nearly every week now, so the talk is to find a bigger place to move into in order to have sacrament meeting.  So the work is moving forward!

Sounds like y'all had a really good week!  And wow, HP doesn't play, they really go all out with their activities.  Man, I would love to eat a jalapeno, they don’t have spicy food here. I haven’t had chili since the USA. Should have gone with the peach cobbler Mom...haha but it sounds like it was a blast!  

Answers to your questions - The best hotel food...yesterday in the morning they did have a small pastry with cream in the middle that was pretty good.  During church I spoke on the baptismal covenant, and the "Why" we come to church.  Because until these people understand the basics, how am I supposed to get up there and talk about the more complicated stuff.  No spirits or devils lately, but we did talk to a drunk guy that wanted to Bible bash with us the other day.  But it wasn't very fun, because he was drunk, and didn't know the Bible.  Not a good combination for somebody who wants to talk religion.  Scriptures I have been focusing on – 1 Nephi 3:7, always a good one.  Also, Hebrews 5:4.

Love you guys, glad to hear that all is going well!

Elder Mangum

"Will We Be Willing?"

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