Monday, March 2, 2015

Pollo Napolitano

Hey fam,

This week was really good.  We found a couple of new people, and just had an all around good time.  Wednesday was a lot of fun, we had district meeting in La Rioja Capital, and then went to lunch with the senior couple, the Tanners.  They blew a ton of money, the best meal I have had in Argentina.  I had pollo napolitano.  It was chicken covered in ham, cheese, salsa, and it was delicious.   I only ate half, so the other half ended up being my lunch of Thursday as well.  After lunch with the Tanners, we went to their apartment where my companion took a practice English exam.  The mission has a program, where missionaries who do not speak English can take a test and receive a certificate from BYU saying that they know how to speak English, it is pretty cool.  So my comp worked on that, and I talked with Elder Tanner in English for a couple of hours, which was more difficult than you might think.  I kept throwing in Spanish words and phrases.  

Long Bus Rides to La Rioja Capital

On Friday we had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the zone leaders in La Rioja and have interviews with the mission president. I was with Elder Villar from Peru, we taught a couple of really good lessons during the day (and got to have another great lunch from one of the members in their ward) and then the interviews with President rolled around.  That was a really neat experience.  He asked how I was doing, and then we got right to talking about the area, and the changes necessary in order to improve it.  It was really cool, because he asked what I thought would be best, how certain people would do in the branch as leaders.  Then to end that subject, he told me that I will be in Aimogasta to "make history" or "to literally be a part of history."  The way Spanish works when somebody is talking, it could very well have been either of the two.  But I get the feeling he kind of meant both.  So I may end up being in this area for a long, long time.  We talked about a couple of other subjects, such as calling and election and the missionary library.  We ended, he gave me a hug, then grabbed me by the shoulder and said "Elder.  You have this attribute about you, you take the things of the church very seriously and have your mind focused on the sacred things, and your eyes focused on the temple for yourself and for your branch members.  You will be a great leader very soon."  That was also pretty sweet to hear.

Sunday we had 21 people show up, including the branch president of the branch that we are actually apart of.  We had been bugging him for weeks to come, and he finally came.  We gave a youth the priesthood and ordained him a teacher, so that was definite progress.  Things are picking up here in Aimogasta.  We also got permission from President to move into a hotel for the month of March while they fix up our pension, so that will be really good. Finally, a real shower!  And breakfast everyday...have not had that in quite a while!  It will be a great month.

Sounds like y’all had a great week.  I am pumped that BYU beat the Zags, it’s about time.  Sounds like changes are going on back home, or are about to happen.  Fun times.  It is sad that basketball season is over, but I have no doubt that Jake learned a ton. A song I sang this week...Onward Christian Soldiers, the normal one from the hymnbook, not the same version as the one in the video :).  Favorite Star Wars Jedi has to be Obi Wan.  I love the Owens, they always make my month when I get their letters and hear their stories.  Glad to hear that everybody is doing well.

Love you all, and (late) Happy Go Texan Day!

Elder Mangum

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