Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey fam,

The week was pretty good.  Our district meeting in the capital went well, then my companion and I went to the matrimonial missionaries’ house and he took his final English exam.  He passed it, and now he gets a certificate from BYU saying that he can speak English.  Our hard work paid off!  This week, the best food I ate was a milanesa completa.  Fried steak, fried eggs, and french fries.  So while I couldn't be at the rodeo eating fried oreos, I got my fair share of fried food this week.  

Saturday we traveled to a little pueblito outside of Aimogasta to teach an investigator that had already come to church several times.  We had not had money to take the bus to go visit, but the money arrived this week and we were able to go and put a tentative baptismal date.  Either this weekend or the next one, Elisa should be getting baptized.  She is an older woman, about 56, but very humble and eager to learn.  The desire to change is there, and I love to see that.  

Sunday we had an attendance of 13.  An improvement from last week.  Elisa couldn't make it, her daughter was sick, but a less active, Fabian, and his nonmember wife showed up for the first time.  (They are the ones who got married back in February).  That was a pleasant surprise for us, because it was all their decision, we had not visited or seen them in several weeks.  This upcoming week we have exchanges with both the zone leaders and the other missionaries in our district, so it should be an exciting week.

At church this week, I spoke on Lesson 3 in PMG, and the Gospel Principles class was a little on the life of Christ.  Growing up in the church, I think I have taken for granted all of the stories about His life, because the people here know little to nothing.  So we showed some Bible videos, and it went well.  No plans or customs for Easter here that I know of.  We are working on trying to get a laptop, HDMI cable, and television for the chapel on Sunday so that we can watch at least one session of conference.  The most unusual thing that happened this week...that may be a story I save for when I get back.  

Speaking of exciting weeks, sounds like everybody back home was pretty busy!  2 mission calls, the beach, the rodeo, church activities, sounds like a blast!  I am really proud of Ty and Andra, my brothers from other mothers.  Brazil and Czechoslovakia, that is exciting.  Definitely 2 places I was not expecting for either one, but they will both have an amazing time.  

We still wash everything by hand.  Zone meeting is once a month, the rest are all district meetings.  No packages, but I did get your letter in the mail with 2 pictures and experiences from Grandpa.  Hard to believe I got my call over a year ago. Time flies!  Hope everybody is doing well.  Love you all!

Elder Mangum

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