Monday, December 15, 2014


Hey family!

Well I got transferred!  I am now in a totally different province of Argentina.  I am in Aimogasta, in the province of La Rioja.  The climate is a lot like Arizona, for the summer, which starts next week, it’ll average about 120 degrees in dry heat.  Gotta love changes!  Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, and it was 8 hours on bus to get to my new area.  I left last night at midnight, haven’t really gotten any sleep, so sorry if this email doesn’t make much sense!

The week was really good.  Hector got baptized on Saturday, and Alejandra and Catalina are continuing strong in the faith!  Hector was just a contact on the street 3 weeks ago, but it is amazing to see how God has prepared people all their lives for a specific moment to meet the missionaries.  He was definitely what we call escogido.  We also were teaching two people, Ester and Carolina, that were progressing nicely before I left and should be baptized in Rio Ceballos by the end of the year.

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of the mission, saying goodbye to what really had been my home and family for the past 4 months. Particularly to people such as Alejandra, Catalina, and Hermana Martinelli who have really played a significant role in my life in the time I was there. But the call is from God, and there is a quote from President Eyring that says God knows our areas that we will be in, and the companions as well.  I am with Elder Muñoz, from Nicaragua.  It is just us 2 in the pension, which is also the chapel.  It is a branch of about 15 people, and we are the branch presidency.  We conduct the meetings and give talks every week, as well as teach the lessons.  Church is only 2 hours though, just sacrament and Gospel Principles.  I am pumped to get to work here, they have quite a few baptisms already lined up for the rest of the month, the people here are really humble and eager to learn.

We didn’t do a ton of gift sharing this week, but we did hand out a few cards each day.  Best thing I ate was fried chicken and french fries with Familia Aspitia yesterday before I left.  A song we sang this week, It Came upon a Midnight Clear.   I play the piano when I get the chance, which won’t happen at all in this area seeing as there is no piano.  We will be showering from a bucket again, because that is the norm in this area.  It is in the 80s and 90s now, which is nothing compared to what it will be in a few weeks!  My favorite flavor candy cane is just the classic red and white.  

I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing well, and is excited to wrap up this first semester of the school year!  We have a mission conference with the entire mission next Monday back in Cordoba (more bus rides!), so I’m not sure when the next email will be, either Monday or Tuesday probably. Good luck everybody on this last week of school!  Love you!

Elder Mangum

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