Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas on the Mish‏

Merry Christmas!

This week was pretty good. Wednesday was Christmas Eve, which was quite different here in Argentina than in the states.  Here every stays up all night and eats food and celebrates outside with their friends and families.  President gives permission for missionaries to be out late, until 1 or 2 AM, if we are with families that live close to the pension.  We ate dinner with a less active family, (which is normal here, there are no active families).  It was fun, then we went back to the pension and slept.  

Studying on Christmas Day

Christmas was very different.  No gifts to unwrap, just read some letters and scriptures!  But it was fun, in its own way, really gives one an opportunity to reflect and be grateful for people and past experiences.  Elder Muñoz and I had a good time, listening to Christmas music in English and in Spanish.  It was a very different Christmas, much quieter than normal, but enjoyable.  Thursday morning I got to talk to my family! We went to 3 different places before we finally found a home where the Skype worked.  It was a family that we had reactivated the day before, they hadn't been to church or talked with the missionaries in months.  Definitely a miracle in my eyes!

Elder Mangum and Elder Munoz

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday flew by.  We visited lots of people, trying to encourage them all to come to church on Sunday.  Attendance on Sunday was better than last week, we made it up to 10 people.  I gave a talk again, this time on setting goals.  There is a really good talk from Elder Cook from this past general conference that talks a lot about it.  Sunday night me and my comp headed to La Rioja Capital, he has to go to Cordoba for a training so I am spending this P-day in a trio with other missionaries.  3 weeks into the transfer, and still yet to have a normal Pday!  

Ready for church in our pension

Schedule is a little different, more time in the pension in the afternoon to cook and eat lunch, plus it is so hot outside that we take our study time in the morning and use some in the afternoon.  During the afternoon in Argentina is the siesta, everybody sleeps and nobody answers the doors.  

Hot and dusty Aimogasto - we love it though!

At church my comp and I take turns teaching Gospel Principles, and we both give talks every week. We use normal sacrament trays and cups.  There is only 1 deacon.  Supposedly there are a couple of YW on the lists, but I have never seen them.  Nothing too different here for the New Years as far as traditions go. 

Love you all!

Elder Mangum

More Pictures from Elder Mangum-

Argentina Cordoba Christmas Mission Conference December 2014

The District con Papa Noel y helpers

Together Again!

Christmas in Aimogasta 2014

 Saying Goodbye to mi familias en Rio Cellabos

Hector's Baptism in Rio Ceballos Dec 13th 2014

Saying goodbye to Familia Funes

Pictures from Rio Ceballos

Tree Stump that reminded me of shape of Texas

Random hail storm we got stuck in

Welcome to Aimogasto

Portable Baptismal Font in our Apartment

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