Monday, December 8, 2014

Share the Gift

Hey fam,

This week was a good week, another one that flew by.  This whole transfer has been a fast one, we are already down to the last week of it!  On Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit an elderly member who lives in a nursing home.  She had been doing some proselyting of her own, and wanted us to come and visit.  It was quite a bit of fun, at one point I was completely surrounded by wheelchairs and walkers, teaching 4 or 5 different people over the age of 80 at once, and my companion was in the same situation about 15 feet away.  It was definitely a good experience, to be able to answer their questions and teach them, primarily concerning the Plan of Salvation.  

We continued to teach Hector/Hugo (same person, he goes by both names) throughout the week, and he came to church again yesterday. We’re planning his baptismal service for this Saturday, he is really excited.  He views it as an opportunity to start over, to be a different and better person, a new beginning with his eyes focused on God and Jesus Christ.  Those are his very own words, which are always good to hear from the investigator.  

Sunday was good, always love fast and testimony meeting.  It’s not as much fun as it is at home, but it is close some months!  We also had ward council, which was good, only the 2nd time in my nearly 5 months here that we have had it, but it went well.  Some people don’t realize it, but these little frequent meetings with all of the auxiliaries really make the ward function smoother.

Hermano Keller is killing it in his callings, we’ve already met twice in the week since he’s been called.  He knows the doctrine of missionary work.  It is definitely getting hotter, and that is what Christmas looks like here!  We have pass along cards for the Share the Gift initiative, and we report the results to the missionary department on how it is going.  I have gotten a couple letters from friends and the Owens and Sister Hagen.  The funnest thing I did this week was the nursing home experience.  No Christmas trees yet, and they are planning a Christmas/end of the year ward party.  My favorite scripture this week was Helaman 5:12, a lot of focus on that this week.  We were not able to watch the devotional last night, it was broadcast here at 10 at night.  Sounds like you all are having a blast with friends and family back home!  Love and miss you all.

Elder Mangum

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