Monday, November 3, 2014

Transfers - New Companion!

This week flew by.  It was the last week of the transfers, and my last week with my trainer Elder Gravelle.  This week was really good, we continued visiting Alejandra and Catalina who amaze me more and more each time we go with their knowledge and testimony of the gospel.  This week we taught Catalina’s friend, Valentina.  She came to church as well and has a baptismal date for the 15th of November, and we have high hopes for her.

On Thursday we also taught our investigator Susanna, and read Alma 34 with her.  She once again was in tears by the end, and knows with conviction that her Father in Heaven will never leave her solo. Also, she asked both me and my companion why we came out on the mission, and I was able to share with her my reasons and my testimony of the importance of the Atonement and the Gospel and the happiness it brings.

This week we also had the opportunity to have the first ward activity of the year, a Noche de Empanadas, on Friday.  It was a lot of fun.  Chango Funes brought all of his performing equipment, lots of microphones and speakers and lights and, of course, music.  We had a little bit of Karaoke and a whole bunch of empanadas!  It was a good night, a good chance for the ward to just get together and have a good time.

Yesterday after church Elder Gravelle and I got to go around to a few families he wanted to see before he left. We spent quite a while with the two converts that we have helped these past 2 transfers together, and it was really neat to see just how much us missionaries mean to the converts. 

This morning I got my new companion, Elder Summers from Provo, Utah.  He is almost done with his mission, this is his second to last transfer.  We’ve only known each other for about 4 hours, but he seems pretty cool.  I’m excited to get to work with him here in Rio Ceballos for the next 6 weeks, por lo menos!  

Answers to your ?’s - They do have chocolate, but it’s not the same.  No AC, just fans.  The best food...Keller made pizza, which was awesome.  We ride the bus everyday, probably 3 or 4 times. Today I got my new comp for Pday.  I have 2 name tags.  Never ended up giving the talk in church, I guess they forgot.  A scripture I shared this week was the end of Abraham 3, talking about the premortal existence and the war in heaven.  

Baby number 4, Congrats Matt and Jen, that is awesome.  Glad to hear Halloween was so much fun.  Love you all!

Hope everybody is doing well!

Elder Mangum

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