Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Michael & Trevor outside of Houston Temple, June 2014

Hello Family!
This week went by fairly quickly. Wednesday we had a zone conference with about 100 missionaries or so.  The other 3 elders in my pension are all super musical, so I got the...opportunity to participate in the small choir that sang "Trabajemos Hoy en la obra del Señor" which is Let Us All Press On in English. We sang the version that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang in the April conference of this year, the Sunday morning session.  It actually ended up sounding pretty good for only having practiced it twice.  Saturday and Sunday were Stake Conference here in the Argentina Cordoba Sierras Stake. Our ward had the musical number on the Saturday evening session, and guess who were the only men to show up to sing? The missionaries!  We sang "Acompañame", which in English is Abide With Me. Elder Juan Urra from the 70 came and spoke in the conference, native of Argentina. It was a really good conference, with an overall theme of unity in the family and having the temple as our goal.  Family unity starts with having a purpose, a family goal.  It is also really important that everybody knows the goal, communication is the key. I have a picture of the Houston temple above my desk where I study, to remember my personal goals.  Crazy to believe the transfer is already more than half over!  In 3 weeks I could be in a completely different part of the province.  I hope not though, I would like to spend Christmas here.
Never found Valentina this week, hopefully we’ll be able to tackle that problem this week.  We have not given any blessings at all this transfer, which is actually very unusual.  Summer vacation starts here in Argentina in about 3 weeks. The best thing I ate this week was yesterday, fried chicken and french fries con Familia Aspitia. I would be more than happy with just the normal Thanksgiving dinner, turkey and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. The Mormon Message I remember most is Sanctify Yourself by Elder Holland.  No special plans this week, just need to find investigators. No service projects lately, and it is starting to get hot.
It’s great to hear that everybody is doing well and having fun.  Hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving break this week!  I am definitely thankful for all of you and for the influence everybody has had on me to help me get to where I am today.


Elder Mangum

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