Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Together Forever

Elder Mangum outside of the construction of the
Cordoba Temple on his first day in Argentina


This week went by quickly.  Elder Summers and I are getting into a groove, and time is starting to fly.  Not a very productive week as far as numbers go, but it was good, and I learned a few things.  I spent quite a lot of study time reading from old General Conference talks, particularly from President Hinckley.  Hermana Martinelli calls me her President Hinckley, so I figured I would study up to see how I could possibly remind her of a prophet.  Still haven’t found an answer to that.  

Tuesday we got a text message saying from Alejandra saying she was in the hospital.  She had been feeling a lot of pain and went in, and they kept her there for 3 days to do some tests.  They didn’t find out what was wrong, so they released her and they are going to do some more this week I believe.  She came to church yesterday though, so that was really good!  We found out this week that Valentina’s mother is really Catholic and against her going to church, so we are going to go visit the whole family this week with a couple of converts to explain that we’re not THAT weird of a people.  

Sunday was a fantastic day.  Alejandra and Catalina both came to church, and it was the Primary Program here in Rio Ceballos. I may have teared up a few times.  The scriptures are right when they say the kingdom of heaven is a lot like little children.  They are full of light and of the spirit.  The theme was on the family, and there was a big photo of the Cordoba Temple up behind them.  As they were singing, I couldn’t help but think about my family thousands of miles away.  And that no matter what happens, we are together forever, and that thought alone is so comforting I can’t explain it with words. 

We did not visit Hermano Alegre again last week, his daughter just got off of her mission and was visiting, but we are going to go visit him again this week.  He actually got released on Sunday as a counselor in the bishopric.

Q/A’s - The funnest thing I did this week...we played a lot of basketball last Pday after I emailed y’all, that was fun.  My favorite Star Wars character, probably R2D2.  He is a wise guy, he’s there as part of the story the whole time.  I have not cooked anything yet, still searching what some of the ingredients are in Spanish.  A member is called to teach gospel principles, but she is less active, therefore usually one of us do.  We try to do stuff with the youth, usually go out once a week with one, and play soccer with them on Wednesday nights.  We sang Master the Tempest is raging this week, and a scripture that I have been thinking about a lot is James 1:22, applying really to members and their homes where there is no priesthood presence.

Glad to here that everybody is doing well!  I love hearing the stories of the week.  Love you all!

Elder Mangum

**This is English Version of one of the songs sung in Primary Programs worldwide this year.

The Family is of God

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