Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baptisms and a Training

Hey fam,

It was a solid week.  Didn't go quite as planned, but then again we kind of get used to that in the mission.  Of the 8 people we had lined up for baptisms on Sunday, only 2 made it to the water, Richard and Lacus (there was a third one who had his interview and showed up to be baptized, but his dad said no at the last minute and they walked out right before the baptismal service, second time that has happened in the mission). 

Wednesday we had an Area Training from Elder Bednar (for the countries Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.)  It lasted 3 hours, and was the first training of its kind.  Almost 10% of the missionaries in the world are located in those 4 countries.  The end was a Q&A session, which was pretty interesting (Elder Bednar was in a chapel in Buenos Aires, we were watching by satellite, so only the 4 missions there could ask questions).  I learned a ton, a huge emphasis on the Spirit and other things (I can't remember any of the words in English...compromisos, el modelo de aprendizaje, y la verificación.) 

The rest of the week was business as usual, Sunday night we baptized which is always a good way to end the month.  Yesterday was Mission Council, where all the ZLs and Sister Leaders meet together with President and we talk about the things going on in the mission.  President gave us the preview of the Easter Initiative, there is a new video that will come out March 15th for the members, but Pres already had access to it so we watched it.  Unfortunately, only the English version is available for now, so my comp volunteered me to do the translation.  It’s a really good video, I am excited to put a big focus in the zone in using it.  The title is Hallelujah.  Easter is a great time of year to be a missionary.  

Sounds like y’all had a crazy week! Britt couldn't wait a couple weeks for a brotha?  Haha that is awesome, I am glad to hear that all is going great in casa.  Love you all!

Elder Mangum

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