Monday, March 14, 2016

Baptismal Interviews & Music

Hey fam,

Another week in the books.   It was a good one, I did another baptismal interview.  We ended up with 3 investigators in the chapel, all with baptismal dates for the 26th of March, so we are pretty excited.  Jessie, Milagros, and Micaela.  Plus we found a boatload of new investigators to start teaching this week.  

Crazy stories this week, I don't have any.  We did have a zone conference with President and two other zones, we recieved trainings based on the talks given in the worldwide missionary training in January.  It was enlightening, a big focus on the doctrine of Christ. The importance of baptizing everybody.

Friday we had a huge BBQ and I did another baptismal interview, he got baptized on Sunday night,the nephew of a member. It was cool because all of his family came, and none of them are members, and the grandpa (who is 82) asked "Can I be baptized right now too?"  But he was dead serious, he said that he felt like it was the right thing to do and that it was what God wanted.  He lives in our area, so we will definitely be working with him this week!  Another miracle in the MAC.

You asked about the missionary choir I am in.  We will perform for the 5 stakes of Cordoba Capital for a big regional Easter conference. The whole choir sings 8 songs - Hallelujah, Come though Fount, He is Risen, I Believe in Christ, Simple Gifts, Bound for the Promised Land, Lillies of the Field, and Where Can I turn for Peace.  Then you have various duets, solos, etc. But I'm not a good enough singer to be asked to do that haha. They actually did cuts, and kicked people out of the choir who couldn't sing...luckily the guy in charge of doing the cuts was Elder Lakey, my son, so he didn't cut me haha.  And I don't sing THAT bad, I can match the guy next to me at least.  

Speaking of music, I am the ward pianist now! I have the gift of tongues, and music is definitely a foreign tongue!  I play the piano 10 times better in the mission now (having hardly ever practiced) than I ever did back home.  Pretty crazy when I sit down and start playing.  I actually help out a little in the choir with piano as well (playing the parts, the easy stuff). 

This week is key to end March on a high note and start the next transfer on a good foot.  Transfers are the 28th, this week I get to write reports on all 22 missionaries in the zone.  And exchanges with Rio Ceballos and the assistants, it will be a packed week. 

Glad to hear that everybody is doing well! Tell the fam in Dallas hi! 

Love you all!

Elder Mangum

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