Monday, April 6, 2015

Gracias a que El Vive

Familia Ensua 

Hey fam, 

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter and Conference Weekend!

It was a good week for us here in Aimogasta.  No baptisms, but just the opportunity watch conference was a blessing here.  The senior couple in La Rioja lent us their iPad to be able to watch conference in our area.  An investigator also lent us a laptop of his for the weekend to be able to watch it, so miraculously I was able to watch all 5 sessions in English, and my companion in Spanish.  That, my friends, is a miracle.  

I really enjoyed the talks throughout the conference, but especially Sunday morning.  Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf’s talks really hit home this Easter season for me.  The opportunity to remember Christ and his Atonement is always a special experience.  Also what stuck out was the Prophet's talk on temples and the blessings and importance of temple attendance. With the Cordoba Temple being dedicated in a month, I think that was really something that the people of Argentina needed to hear.  And the 3 new temple locations got me pretty excited too!  Although, I am sure not quite as excited as TC and Sister Grant, or Sketch! Really, I got the feeling and I know that those locations were inspired directly from God.

During the week, we had a zone meeting, that focused a lot on the Easter movement, and the "Gracias a que El Vive" video, which is the same as y’alls, just in Spanish. We got special pass along cards, as well as pass along cards for the open house of the temple.  Being in an entirely different province than the temple, we have had a bit more success with the Easter cards.  

Because He Lives

Tonight is the last night in the hotel, tomorrow we go back to the old pension, which is now nearly unrecognizable after the repairs.  They should fix the water pressure and the shower today or tomorrow, and then it’s all done!  The best thing I ate this week was a milanesa sandwich in the capital on Wednesday.  It is starting to get a little cooler down here, so that is good.  I got 2 packages this week, one from y’all and one from Grandpa and Grandmommie.  As well as a letter from the Owens and the Maplehood seminary class.  Something I learned this week, I did a lot of studying in D&C 131 and 132. The covenant of eternal marriage and the promises there.  Some really good stuff.

I am definitely grateful for Jake’s prayers!  He must have said the prayer this morning, because so far, today everything has gone right! I felt the Spirit really strongly during conference, throughout conference, but especially during the song I Know that My Reedemer Lives

Sounds like y’all have a great opportunity to talk to the youth and their parents.  I am grateful that I always went to mission prep, and seminaryScripture Mastery really help on the mission too.  I wish I had gone out with the missionaries more before though.  Other than that, it was all leaders and my parents that planted the seeds.  Plus having a solid group of friends, which is what they have, seeing as they are that group I had.  

Love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Mangum

Stake Visitors from March 29th

Drinking Mate (pronounced Mah-teh), an Argentine custom/tradition, in the lobby of the hotel.

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