Monday, January 19, 2015

Teaching English Classes and Talking on the Radio

Hey Fam!

This week went well.  Familia Venites came to the English class I teach on Thursdays, as well as on Sunday, so they are doing well.  We started teaching the husband and the sister of the husband this week as well, Ramon and Patricia. They didn’t make it to church on Sunday, but they have shown considerable interest and have potential to progress.  We teach English classes every Thursday.  So far only members have been coming, but they’ve invited their friends and we hope that it will be a fountain of new investigators in the new future.  It is a cool experience, but I don’t think I will be an English teacher when I get back.  I prefer making snocones!

On Wednesday we had intercambios (exchanges) again, I was with Elder Diaz in his area.  He is a mini-missionary, so it was a different experience being the "senior companion" for a day.  Not a ton of success numbers-wise this week, but this week was more about quality than quantity.  I gave a talk on Sunday about prayer, and used a small portion of Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk from this past General Conference.  Also, it is interesting to see how the Lord answers prayers in different ways, the first 3 chapters of Ether in the Book of Mormon show 3 different ways that the Lord works to answer our prayers.  Also, I talked about the importance of family prayer, and how it has blessed my life, and I learned at a young age the importance of prayer because of it.

We also had the chance to go visit the radio station this past week here in Aimogasta and talk for a few minutes.  The man who does the afternoon "show" on Saturday’s and Sunday’s is Hermano Chumbita, and he invited us to come yesterday and see how everything works.  He had me talk a little bit in English, apparently the people here love that.  We also talked a little bit about the gospel, which is always a good thing, kind of the point that I’m here.  It was a really neat experience.

Live with Elder Mangum from Texas!

Answers to your questions - There is a plaza here in town, but it’s always completely empty.  There aren’t very many opportunities here to do community service.  My favorite grass pokemon would have to be Scyther, he’s a beast.  The best thing I ate this week was milanesas.  A scripture I shared this week, 3 Nephi 18, talking about prayer and in particular family prayer, among other things.  My comp is 22, from the capital of Nicaragua, and is the 6th of 8 children.  He’s my companion for another week, this time next Monday I could very well have a different companion.  Elder Muñoz has already been in this area for 6 months, he’s pretty convinced he is getting transferred, although he would like to stay here.  Something I am looking forward to this get an email saying that the Pats won the Superbowl would be nice.  Also I look forward to studying every day.  I started this past week (yesterday) reading the Book of Mormon again and highlighting a couple of different topics as I read, with them as my main focus.  Faith, the Atonement, Plan of Salvation, Revelation, and the testimonies of the Prophets.  It’s really given me a new perspective on just how packed the Book of Mormon is of nuggets of spiritual goodness. 

Sounds like a fun weekend!  Oh the things I would do to have a Chick Fil A milkshake...y’all are lucky!  Glad that Jake played well, he may end up being better than me when I get back!  Temple trips are always a good experience, I am definitely looking forward to the Córdoba Temple opening up and being able to do trips there.  Glad to hear that everybody is doing well!  Hope y’all have a great day off from school, and a great week!


Elder Mangum

More Pictures from the Radio Station!

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