Monday, June 1, 2015

Transferred to Villa Carlos Paz

Hey fam,

It was a good last week in the area.  I did get transferred, now I am in Carlos Paz, in Cordoba.  It is a small city about 40 minutes outside of the capital, much like Rio Ceballos, but a little bigger.  My companion is Elder Alvarez from Argentina who has 7 months in the mission, and the other missionaries in my district are the Sister Training Leaders.  I did take the midnight bus ride, along with 3 other people and got to Cordoba about 6 this morning.  The new pension is good, needs to be cleaned, but the hot water works.  It is just the 2 of us, my comp and I there, but its pretty big for a 2 man pension. Definitely will be a bit of a change from last transfer! 

We didn’t end up staying any more in the hotel in Aimogasta.  I got to bathe last week with buckets of cold water (keep in mind that it is now winter here) that we filled up from the hose outside.  The week flew by, teaching people and the normal district meeting on Wednesday.

Saturday we went to the capital La Rioja to eat lunch with Familia Insua for the last time, an asado (BBQ Argentina style).  Then that night were transfers.  All of the zone together in the apartment of the senior couple, eating hamburgers and waiting for the Zone Leaders to show up with the list of transfers.  Definitely a fun night, and a good 6 months in Aimogasta where I learned a ton, from patience to how to be a better speaker and leader.  

Sunday I taught Gospel Principles, the lesson being on Faith in Jesus Christ, and we focused a lot on the little miracles in our everyday lives that come to pass thanks to our faith and trust in Him.  I gave my final talk (Talk Number 20) on the baptismal covenant, and ended my message with the last couple of verses from Moroni 10.  It’s been a good run, but I am ready for the next set of adventures this new area has to bring. 

The most unusual thing that happened this week was having all the dad of one of my converts show up to church just to say goodbye to me.  Not a member, and doesn’t want anything to do with the church, and I didn’t think we were really that close, but apparently I was mistaken.  The best thing I ate this week was the asado at the Insua’s. 

Crazy to think that another school year has come and gone.  That means I am right at that halfway point, que loco.  Congrats to Matt and Jen on the new baby boy, I am glad that everything went smoothly.  Sounds like everybody had a lot of fun helping out with the flood clean up this week, I’m sad I missed out!  Summer sounds like it will be fun, Bible and tennis camps, summer chore chart, and above all, no school!  

Hope everybody has a great week!  Love you all!  Change may not be easy, but sometimes it is necessary to help us grow and realize our full potential, and bless the lives of those around us.


Elder Mangum

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