Monday, May 18, 2015

Cordoba Argentina Temple Dedication

Hey fam,

This week was awesome!  Just an all around good week.  I did an exchange Monday and Tuesday with Elder Aranda from Spain, we found a couple of families here in their area for them to teach.  Wednesday was district meeting so we were in the capital all day working.  The only day this week I was actually in my area was on Thursday.  Thursday morning we get a text message from the assistants saying whoever wants to go to the cultural celebration for the temple can go, but they have to pay their own way there.  I was pumped, but my companion nor any other missionary in my district wanted to go.  But was that going to stop me?  No!  I went with a group of missionaries to the cultural event in Cordoba on Saturday.  We took a bus on Friday night, and we were in Cordoba all day Saturday, then took another bus back Saturday at midnight to arrive just in time for the first session of the temple dedication.  It was worth it. I got permission to go in a trio with some other Elders and we took advantage of the opportunity.  I mean, how many times are you going to be able to go to the cultural celebration of the temple in your mission?  Only once.    Once in a lifetime experience, definitely something I will be telling my kids and grandkids in the future!  I was sitting there thinking "if I could talk to the fam, what would they advise me to do.  Definitely to take advantage of the opportunity and go to the event!" And then I thought as well, what would happen if they found out that I had the opportunity to go to the celebration and didn´t go, they would never let me live it down!  Definitely worth it, even the sleeping two days in a row in the bus (again). I may have back problems for the rest of my life, but as they say, vale la pena!  It was worth it!  

It was neat seeing all of the youth singing and dancing and hearing a few words from President Uchtdorf.  Not to mention seeing my only ex comp who is still in the mission (Elder Muñoz, the rest have all finished their 2 years!) and a bunch of buddies from Rio Ceballos.  Probably the highlight of it all was eating Subway for lunch and Burger King for dinner while we were in Cordoba, real American food!  

Sunday was the temple dedication.  We were able to go to all 3 sessions, and it was spectacular.  The sessions were at 9, noon, and 3.  My favorite part of the dedication were actually the talks.  President Uchtdorf spoke in each one of the sessions and had a different talk each time.  He had a translator, but Elder Christofferson didn't.  He still speaks Spanish like a pro!  It was a really special occasion, and I am really excited to have the temple so close for the rest of my mission.  They haven't told us how often we can go yet as missionaries, but I will be going the most I possibly can!  There is no place like the temple.  

Sounds like y’all had a great week, congrats to Luke and Jake finishing up soccer and being the estrellas of their teams!  And Hayley Jean finishing up the season with a pair of W’s, that´s what I like to hear.  More car problems, glad to hear that not much has changed back home!  I will probably be here in the capital until Wednesday night, I am doing one last exchange with these missionaries before I have to write reports at the end of this week.  No new pension, but we do have hot water now.  As far as delicious food goes, just Subway and BK!  I actually had a chicken cordon bleu sandwich at Subway...great minds think alike!  

Love you guys, glad that everybody is doing well!

Elder Mangum

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