Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey fam,

This week was good.  Crazy that we are already almost in March, time is flying.  During the week the zone leaders came and we did exchanges, I was with an Elder from Utah, so it was nice to speak English for a few hours.  During the week we found a couple of new people who seemed to express interest, but we will see how they progress.  This week we had 7 people show up, 5 if you don't include the missionaries, a big drop from the past couple of weeks.  It doesn't make much sense to me, we visit everybody every week, and some weeks lots come, and others nobody comes.  

Wednesday we went to the city La Rioja to practice the medley we are going to sing in the conference this upcoming Friday.  It is 3 or 4 primary songs all put together, ending with We are as the Army of Helaman in English.  It has potential, but we will see how it goes.    Sunday I taught the Gospel Principles lesson on "Jesus Christ, our Chosen Leader and Savior."  Talked a little about the premortal life and how we all had a testimony of the plan of salvation before we chose to came here, and how we chose Christ before the foundation of the world to be our Savior.  It went fairly well, and I ended by showing the Mormon Message "He Lives" with various apostles testifying of Christ.  In sacrament I gave a talk on the principle of service, and how when we serve those around us, we are serving God.  I read some of the hymn A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. I also read those verses at the end of Matthew 25, great minds think alike! It went really well, the Spirit was definitely strong. 

No pool (font) yet, we have not received the money to buy it.  The best part of the week...once again I would have to say Monday reading the emails.  I am sunburned 24/7 here, but I think my skin is adjusting.  No interesting new people.  My favorite drink..there is an apple flavored soda, that tastes like a mix between apple beer and cream soda that is really good.  We drink quite a bit of that.  We can buy a 3.5 liter container for 17 pesos (about 2 bucks) so I figure that is a pretty good deal.  Man I miss smoothies!

Glad to hear everybody is doing well, and that y’all are enjoying life!  I love hearing about what everybody does during the week.

Love you all!

Elder Michael Mangum

He Lives

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