Monday, September 8, 2014



This week was pretty good.  Started off by going bowling last Monday in Cordoba Capital, the city.  That was a blast, and we walked around downtown for a while, definitely one of the areas I would like to serve in, unfortunately it is the sister's area, so I doubt I will get the chance.  The best part of Tuesday was the dinner, we went to Familia Keller´s house they are about 25 and have a 6 month old baby, and are probably the most similar to gringos that I have met here.  Dinner was pancakes and hamburgers, and Root Beer! First time my companion has had root beer in the past 16 months, definitely not something that is common here.  Wednesday we had a district meeting, but the whole zone met together afterwards because our mission is part of a pilot program for New/Different/Not so New or Different Key Indicators. Friday we went out with the Ward Mission Leader for the first time.  It was good to get to know him better, he is a taxi driver and works from about 4AM to anywhere between 6 and 10PM every day except Sunday.  

Sunday was the first time an investigator that I taught and actually helped showed up to church.  Her name is Alejandra, she is about 45, and her mother is a recent convert.  Both struggle with the word of wisdom, we'll have to work pretty hard on that.  After church, my companion and I went out with the Stake President, who is a member of our ward, and visited 3 of the families in the ward who have almost nothing.  A member of the ward went with us and pulled us aside afterwards and said: This is what the church is all about. Visiting the elderly, the poor, and the sick.  This is why you were called here. It was really neat, and true.  Reminded me of two passages of scripture, Matthew 25:31-40, and James 1:27.  We do a lot of that on the mission.

Nugget from the Book of Mormon for the week: 2nd Nephi 2:27.  With reasoning like that, not much of a discussion about which is better or what somebody ought to choose.  Also, this week I read Our Search for Happiness by Elder Ballard, and Our Heritage, both from the missionary reference library. Quick reads, but excellent books, learned quite a bit.  From tonight through Wednesday, the zone is doing Intercambois Cruzadas, which means everybody is on an exchange with somebody else.  I am headed to Arguello, with an Elder that only speaks Spanish.  Should be an experience, looking forward to it!

Family Q&A's - I got my mission debit card, so money is good now.  Favorite legendary Pokémon would have to be Articuno.  My apartment is like a normal house, I sleep in a top bunk just like at home which makes it easier to fall asleep. Everybody has dogs as pets, and some are nice.  We play soccer on Pdays, and a little basketball every once in a while.  We buy groceries from a grocery store called Valig.  Best part of the day is studying.  Worst is climbing up the mountain to get to the pension.  A scripture I used this week was Helaman 5:12, with an elderly lady who we brought the sacrament to yesterday.  Glad everybody is doing well!


Elder Mangum

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